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Professional Writing and Editing Services

Whether creating a website, writing your dissertation or thesis, or putting the final polish on your novel, you want your writing to be perfect so you can put your best face forward.

I offer professional, experienced writing and editing services, including:

  • Copy editing and/or proofreading of
    • web copy
    • email copy
    • academic papers
    • student papers
    • novels
    • essays
    • brochures
    • etc.
  • Copywriting for:
    • websites
    • email marketing
  • Blogging

My professional experience covers blogging, copywriting, and editing for a wide range of subjects and for a number of different clients.

For more information about my services and how they can help you or to inquire about my rates, please contact me!

Freelance Writing

I have published work in print and online. You can view samples of my work in my freelance writing portfolio.


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